Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beach Fun - Sand Structure 2011

My brother John called this "The Wall of Invincibility" surrounded by "The Moat of Invincibility" All the guys had fun building and protecting the fortress from what I called "The Tide of Inevitability" =D

digging the moat
 side view of the structure and front of moat

view from ocean side of Thom and John protected inside the fortress 

hole dug closer to shoreline as a first line of defense against the tide

Elliot building a deep side chamber to the moat

Tide reaches first line of defense

boys attempt to bail water to protect first line of defense

women safe behind castle wall. safe but chilly - only 75 this day

water coming in farther now - but not into the moat yet!

Chris is taunted for being outside the castle's protective moat

water rises up into the moat. Ethan races to make repairs.

We didn't tell him it was a lost cause... but we did take a break for dinner! 
Here's how it looked when we came back 
not completely destroyed yet...

some sections are even dry still!

view from the ocean side of water washing over what's left of the wall.

It was fun while it lasted!!

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