Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wild Horses in North Carolina?

It's true, there are wild horses up at the end of the Outer Banks, past where the road runs out. Frankly, one of the best parts about looking for them is getting to drive on the beach! We first went out around 2 in the afternoon and had no luck, but there were so many cars and people on the beach that we weren't surprised. Our second trip out was at 6:30am. More fun than the first - no traffic to contend with - and we saw a few horses!

John's 4-wheel-drive Jeep Cherokee, on the beach. I wish we had gotten some action shots! Thanks, John, for letting us use your car!

grazing on the dunes

one of them is definitely a youngster

a far shot to show how close the horses were to people - there was a man sitting in the gazebo there on the left!

We did the self-tour but you can also book tours with guides. My friend Leslie recommends Wild Horse Adventure Tours. Learn more about the wild horses at

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