Monday, January 20, 2014

Alpha Chi Omega (Work and) Fun at the Beach 2014

I spent Saturday and Sunday with the FSU Alpha Chi Omega for their 2014 Executive Board Retreat at St. George Island. The house this year, Aisle of Palms, was beautiful, and ideal for a conference or special event. Gorgeous, right?

It was clear and sunny on Saturday when we arrived. Here is the view from the deck: 

It was beautiful but chilly. We worked inside all morning and afternoon, setting goals, identifying strengths and opportunities, bonding, and planning

In the late afternoon, we went outside to take photos of each exec board member and of the group as a whole for the chapter's website, blog and instagram. (Thanks Jenn for the action shot!) 

It was really cold out on the beach! And windy!! In this one, you can really see how the wind was blowing everyone's hair around!

We did manage to get some really great pictures near the water:

We moved up to the pool deck and had great light and a little bit of shelter from the wind

In all, I took 180 photos on Saturday! 

We had a pretty sunset on Saturday (above) and awoke to a warmer morning Sunday that quickly turned into rain. I captured the double rainbow off our front deck (facing the street and the bay) right as the weather moved in.

The weather went out as quickly as it had come in, and luckily we ended up with a beautiful day - sunny and close to 60 degrees. More advisors arrived Sunday so we had our own mini-photo shoot: 

After a morning of small group meetings, some outdoor time was welcome. After lunch, I packed up and headed back home (with my travel companions, Tara and Meagan). What a wonderful time with good friends and an impressive group of chapter leaders. If this retreat is an indication, they can look forward to a great year!

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