Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Two Days in Tallahassee

What would you do if you had less than 48 hours in Tallahassee? What would you see and do? We had the chance to answer this question in real life in November when Dawn spent two days with us. She arrived on a Friday morning and left early Sunday. Here are the highlights/our recommendations for not-to-miss fun:

1. Make the most of the art that's all around us. Like in the airport!
Dawn signing the guest book at the ArtPort gallery
2. Say hello to the Gulf 3. eat some local food 
Our picnic at St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge
Local cheeses from Sweet Grass Dairy, local chocolate from
Srsly Chocolate, locally grown radishes plus fruit, crackers and water
4. take a selfie
Self portrait at St Marks
5. lunch (or any meal) at Sage 
We both had the lunch special: Marinated beef tacos with avocado butter,
radish, cabbage, cilantro sprouts - ridiculously good
6. dinner at Kool Beanz with friends (Jenn, Britain and ran into Paula!)
Dawn's dinner at Kool Beanz - Cuban style cobia (if I'm
remembering correctly!)
7. visit Tom Brown Park (yes we took Dawn out to play disc golf!)
8. relax! we went for massages at the fabulous neighborhood Sage Spa
9. experience a local tradition 10. support some good causes and
11. have a great time with friends.
We accomplished the last three at Brewfest Tallahassee  
I love that my camera creates these .gifs 
If you had just two days in Tallahassee, how would you spend them? 

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  1. Love this, Amy! I had a fabulous time in Tally and can't wait to come back. Thanks for being such a perfect hostess! (Oh- and I'm still dreaming about that avocado butter from Sage!):) xoxo


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