Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Countertop Thoughts Part 3

... of what seems to be a never ending saga!

We're on to 2 more potential manufacturers - Hanstone and LG Viatera. Not impressed with the LG website, the samples are tiny and lots of the links don't work. The Hanstone website is full of goodies though! Here are some of my favorites:
(not only do I like the way this counter looks (it's called Maple Canyon), I like the kitchen itself (maybe not the backsplash but the color of the cabinets and the floor (which you can see in the 2nd photo below)

(this one is really interesting (and yes I am working to let go of my disdain for their practice of giving all their colors double names... lol) Caribbean Blue

but so far have not seen CB on a counter... and in some pictures the base color looks really really orange. and last but not least - Coronado:


  1. the CB is fun - like the splash of blue!
    you are right, you have to see a real sample - lots of the websites suck (for lack of a more pretty word). We had to search all over to find samples, we couldn't depend on the Silestone website either. Of course you want to see the real thing in your kitchen anyway or in a show room so you can really get an idea.

    what do you not like about the backsplash? the color, the tiles on the diagonal, the tiles? just curious ...

  2. The counter top/quartz guy is coming over tomorrow with all his samples.

    I just don't see a backsplash like that in the new kitchen. We had one like that in our house in Texas, only with 12x12 tiles on the diagonal. Loved it. I think the one in the photo is just a little too monochromatic for me maybe. Watch, we'll end up with one that looks just like that and I'll love it. LOL.

    I haven't really thought about our new backsplash much. Guess I should get on that!


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