Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Countertop Thoughts

Looking at websites trying to pick out our countertop. We're liking quartz a lot and had picked out a color but now think it looks too pink so the search continues.

This one is called Victoria:

The sample we have looks darker than it looks in this photo, but overall I like it. (Side note: our floors will be light (not as light as this floor though) and we're leaning toward darker (walnut maybe? cabinets.) It's weird because in the kitchen above the sample looks gray but in the swatch it seems more yellow:

Here's another pic of it in a room:


  1. wow the sample on the blog does look yellow, do you have that sample at home.. how does it look?? i love the contrast inthe photo though!

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  3. I'm giving it a "like"!
    you know I am now a quartz convert b/c of Marc.
    Quartz is unique b/c it brings so many colors together.
    It will be interesting to see how ours looks when it gets installed - hope we made the right choice 'cause we can never afford a redo. ha, ha

  4. the actual sample we have looks yellow, too, B!

    glad you like it Jenn!! I am still waffling. The gray/bluer version of the same "family" is called Sutton... it's been growing on me today.

  5. well you clearly don't want yellow as I can "feel" that in your posts, so it sounds like you should go for the "Sutton". What kind of quartz brand is this? I know there are bunches of different types - Silestone, Cambira, Zodiaq ...

  6. look at Bob Vila giving us a thumbs up for the quartz:

    and look you followed his advice:
    Kitchen Design with your Lifestyle in Mind
    ... Your first step is to decide what type of kitchen will suit your lifestyle...

  7. I think it would be ok if the yellow looked golden but I don't want it to look jaundiced, you know? Quartz was also rated best countertop surface by Consumer Reports (thanks to Jenn & Marky Marc I know this) - the brand we are "shopping" is Cambria.


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