Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kitchen Project Before Pics - Part 1

I'm going to split the before photos into three posts: kitchen work areas, kitchen eating area, and the ancillary spaces. Starting with the latter, our kitchen remodel extends into our foyer/entryway and down a hallway that serves as our pantry, utility room and laundry room. There's also a little half bath at the end of that hall. These areas will all get new flooring (same throughout the whole project, medium red oak engineered floor) and fresh paint.

Looking from the kitchen through the pantry/utility room/laundry room into the powder room:

Same view, with shelves et al moved out of the way:

(and yes, those are my reusable grocery bags hanging on the door knob in the foreground! :) )

The pantry section - we plan to reuse some of the old cabinets from the kitchen by hanging them above these shelves for extra storage. The door on the right leads into the kitchen.

Here's the entryway:
(from kitchen looking at front door)

(from front door looking into the kitchen)

(view from living room)

we're widening the entry to the kitchen so it matches the entry to the foyer - it's only about 15 inches though it looks huge in this picture!

This is the tile in the entryway that I'm really looking forward to saying goodbye to:

more tomorrow! we're making good progress getting everything moved in preparation for Monday (when demo starts)!

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  1. I'm glad you are back blogging - new project = something exciting to blog about! also nice P.R. for Dylan and Britain!

    I am sorry I haven't helped you move anything, but you've made SERIOUS progress. Is it crazy to see all that empty space ready for the new-ness. It's gonna be SO amazing. Cool that you are expanding the entry into the kitchen/dining area - makes sense.


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