Monday, January 25, 2010

More Countertop Thoughts

I think we are getting closer to choosing a color for the countertops... and here it is:

(Cambria Sutton (quartz))

Once again, the counter top color looks different depending on the photo and the lighting. This is really similar to the previous color I talked about (Victoria) but has more of a blue/gray tone to it (whereas Victoria is more yellow).

I don't particularly like the overall look of either of these kitchens, but Chris likes the wine rack. What do you think?

Update 1/26/10: our vendor is not 100% happy with Cambria so he's going to bring us samples that are fairly close to the one we like from two other manufacturers. Stay tuned!


  1. I like that your vendor gave you honest advice - that's reassuring.

    If you have a wine cooler, do you also need a wine rack? Honestly, again, it will show the dust - hate to be "a spoiler" :(

    Personally, I think the second kitchen is too much wood for my taste - it just runs together or something. I think the first one is sort of like my kitchen? (yellow wall with white cabinets) - ha, ha - I like ours enough, but that color scheme is not what you are going for anyway.

    Glad you are taking your time looking at colors; you have to get what you want!

    I think WE FOUND THE TILE FOR OUR BACKSPLASH!!! M-M ordered samples!

  2. I'm not a fan of the wine rack either! It looks kind of cheesy, and you're right - it would be a dust magnet.

    Also agree that kitchen in the photo is way too much monochromatic woody-ness.

    New post coming later tonight or tomorrow about the new choices for counters. Seems like every decision yields two more decisions to make!


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