Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Kitchen Project Begins!

Monday the demo begins - lots of flooring to remove - and lots of "stuff" to move before then. We have a basic layout decided, and are just about ready to sign off on the new flooring (medium red oak). Next decision is what the cabinets should look like. We have some different zones set up on the floor plan, and of course my favorite is the baking center!

Inspiration pics:

Baking center from Better Homes and Gardens has drawers on the bottom for spices and a cabinet above with space for all the other baking ingredients, bowls and measuring cups. Not sure I want to give up the counter space though!

I like the open look of this baking center from KitchenBathIdeas:

I'd like some marble for rolling out dough... but probably not acres of it! Not sure we need all our baking materials on display either.


  1. NO TO OPEN CABINETS - it's Tallahassee remember? the dust will collect and you won't know where the dust ends and the flour begins - serioussslllly PT. think about it :)

  2. hey girl.. love the baking ceter, but you know that.. i agree with jenn above.. i totally said that on my blog.. i am counter top seraching now..

  3. oh yeah I agree 100% about the open shelves - for starters the insides of my cabinets never look all that nice, I wouldn't want everything on display! I do kind of like the idea of disappearing doors though... ones like slide in/up somehow maybe? Probably because I am always hitting my head on the doors on the cabinets we have now!

  4. I <3 our three-way conversation here. so funny. makes me think of my wonder triplets bracelet


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