Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kitchen Project Underway - Day 1!

I was amazed how fast demo goes! The guys were here today for 3 hours and half our cabinets are out and all the tile (and the linoleum underneath the tile) is gone as well. We even had a few surprises...

(kitchen after demo day 1)

(same time, new angle)

(first of the surprises - this entire 12 foot long cabinet was all one piece!)

2nd surprise was we have two spots on the subfloor that are discolored, one looks like old water damage.
3rd surprise is that the linoleum in the pantry/utility/laundry room goes around the hot water heater, not under it! so we have to have it un-installed in order to put the new floor underneath it.

On tap for day 2 - out goes the carpet and we'll find out if the tile in the entryway comes up as easily as the kitchen tile...


  1. The neighbors enjoyed the cabinets in the yard. I got lots of questions from the kids at school who'd driven/walked past our house!


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