Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kitchen Project Underway - Day 2

lots of progress again Tuesday as (most of) the rest of the kitchen cabinets went out as well as the carpet in the space adjacent. The first section of soffit is down.
(the carpet is all gone! @bmds99 says "get excited!")

(and the cabinets are gone! that strip of dingy-looking wall is wallpaper lol)

(progress on removing the first section of the soffit - one side off)

(look you can see right up into the attic!)

(and here it is with that first section out... 1 down, 3 to go!)

Tomorrow the rest of the soffit comes down and sheet rock goes up to cover all the exposed places. Also on tap this week - goodbye to linoleum in backhall, tile in foyer and a small strip of carpet in hall between kitchen and foyer.


  1. that list picture is CRAZY - nothing there! are you eating things from the toaster oven and crockpot meals? :)

    I heard bmds99 would be sneaking into the blog - fun as she always is.

    I would think sheet rock would serve you better for insulation - really how much insulation could you have if your open attic when right to the soffit, right? When we moved into our house we had to add more insulation around our vent - that was open to the kitchen. Must just be generally poor construction - sign

  2. yay for a cameo.... all your followers be sure to come back often... as I'llbe sure to make another apperance!!! Can't wait for the wood to start going down.. so we can all ohh and ahhh

  3. Actually we still have the sink and dishwasher both hooked up and working (for now)! And Dylan knew Wednesday is pasta night at our house so he hooked up the stove for us this afternoon. :)

    That soffit was crazy - extremely well-built, solid wood plus metal braces all around, and sheet rock on 3 sides. The guys bagged up the insulation that fell out and took it back up to the attic. It's old -school blown-in stuff made out of used newspapers.

    Tomorrow night we make dinner in the microwave!


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