Friday, February 19, 2010

Faucets and Fixtures

My posts this week have been so boring (at least to me - maybe the paint fumes are starting to get to me?? lol) so I thought I would share some of the "little" things we're looking at for the kitchen.

For the faucet, no one will be surprised that I like this Delta faucet with Touch2O technology. It has the pull-down sprayer too with a little magnet in it for easy retraction. Learn more about it here. I think we can get it for a lot less than the list price - I saw it in a design magazine at $360. Hubs is still skeptical about whether the electronics really work so I'll share reviews after I read them.

For the bathroom, these are my favorites so far (towel ring on top/left, tp holder on bottom/right, Pegasus Dorset series in chrome):
I'm also on the hunt for 28 inch high bar stools (the seat at that height, I mean). There are a lot at 24 and 30 but for our 36 inch countertop, I think 28 inch is what we need.) Chris wants stools that spin a full 360 degrees with no backs (just seats). I saw some metal cute ones at Crate & Barrel but they only come in 24" and 30"! This might fill the bill:

"The durable metal frame of each stool is coated with an old steel finish for a timeless, antique look. Every counter stool swivels 360 degrees for complete mobility and has a distressed brown faux leather seat." 26" high


  1. ??? why 28?? if your counter is 36.. you need room for the stool, and persons legs underneath...

    ps.. we can always cover your stool with whatever fabric you'd like

  2. We measured the distance between our chairs and the kitchen table and thought that same space would work at the counter. Do you think 24" would be better? I don't want to sit with my chin resting on the counter!! :)

  3. I didn't know you were getting stools! neat!


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