Friday, August 13, 2010

Dancing Under the Stars Recap

Wow, we had such a fun time last Saturday night at the Dancing Under the Stars fundraiser! My high school reunion planning buddy, Chip, and I went to support our classmate, Roger, who was one of the ten celebrities dancing. (See my preview post here.) All the dancers were great and they performed in a variety of styles and to all kinds of music. And, naturally, since we were in Madison, we saw lots of people we knew! I enjoyed catching up local realtor Mike Warren, his wife Trista, her friend (Rabbit Run Dance Director) Heather Hoffman. It was great to see my Mom's neighbor, Andy, and his girlfriend, Rachel and her family. Rachel's brother was one of the dancers too.
(Andy on left, Rachel in middle, and Rachel's brother, Matt, on right)

Madison Country Club provided a great venue for the event, and the food was really good. We had a plated salad followed by a buffet dinner and a choice of cakes for dessert.

Roger & Carly danced to "My Heart Will Go On" (the theme song from Titanic). I was so impressed! The dance was really moving; they brought a lot of emotion to the performance. My pictures didn't turn out very well but here are a few:

Kudos to the whole team that put on the event, all the details, large and small, were executed beautifully. I recommend attending if you're in the area next year!

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