Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Favorite Moment of Recruitment

I put the song at the top so you can listen to get in the mood for the story. (no need to watch the video itself.)

As many of you know, I volunteer locally with my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. Our alumnae chapter provides all kinds of assistance during Recruitment, and it's my job to keep all the alums organized and in the right places to help with behind-the-scenes details. We're amazingly fortunate to have many sisters who are generous with their time and talents!

In case you're not familiar, sorority Recruitment at FSU is a big production. There are 4 rounds of parties, that start Monday and run until Saturday. The early rounds run two days each so that the potential new members (called PNMs) have the opportunity to go to as many houses as possible before narrowing down their choices later in the week.

On Monday and Tuesday, each sorority hosts 20 parties. This year, 1341 young women attended them. It's a bit overwhelming! There are plenty of high points during the week - talking to sisters who've meet young women they really like; hearing sisters sing favorite songs; and of course, the ceremony on the final day, which is called Preference Party. This year, though, there was a moment of such spontaneous joy and fun that it immediately became my favorite of this year.

The chapter plays happy dance music as their guests come into the house, and as they exit each party. Friday at the end of the last party of third round, they played Jay Sean's Down (see video) and after the last PNM left, a dance party broke out in the foyer of the house. It was awesome!

It was great to witness how much fun they have together and how much they truly enjoy being together - true signs of a strong sisterhood.

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