Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Times in the Madison Area - Dancing Under the Stars

Dancing Under the Stars 2010 is a fundraiser for two local agencies serving Lake County and the area around my hometown of Madison, Ohio: Lifeline for the Empowerment and Development of Consumers, Inc. and the Family Planning Association of Northeast Ohio, Inc.

They pair up local celebrities (my high school classmate, Roger, pictured above, is one of the ten celebrities) with professional dance partners, who will perform at the event, which Saturday night August 7th at the Madison Country Club. I'm definitely going to vote for Roger (each dollar donated = 1 vote for him) and I might even check out the event in person. Madison friends, anyone want to go?


  1. CRAP! I forgot about Roger's dancing debut! Hope he did well. I love your posts BTW!

  2. Thanks, Kenni! Roger did really well - the event was so much fun. Blog post coming soon, maybe even today. :) xoxo


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