Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kitchen Frustration

The problem is the range hood. The hood itself is fine and works great, but the chimney, that is, the pipe that goes from the hood to the ceiling, appears to be way too long with little or no hope of changing it. We can lower the hood... which would be kind of ludicrous... but we (meaning a team of electricians and a team of hvac guys) cannot raise it higher. The electricians advice was to call the hvac guys... the hvac guys say call an appliance specialist, like Sears or Clark's.

So for now, this is how the hood looks. Not so pretty...

That's the bracket that's anchored to the truss in the ceiling. We figured there was no sense in re-installing the hood. This way the next person to potentially help solve the problem will be able to analyze the situation without doing a lot of fussing first.

The problem may be that we purchased the wrong hood (or, more likely, the hood with too long a chimney, but the instructions say it should work in rooms with ceilings as low as 7'8". Ours are 8'.)

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