Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today's Music Suggestion

Tracey Thorn's Love and Its Opposite is on sale today for digital download for $3.99 at - check it out here!

You may recognize her voice - she also is a member of the band Everything But the Girl. I heard "Oh, the Divorces!" from the new album a few months ago and liked it so much I shared it with a few friends. Here's a sample of the lyrics: 

Who's next? Who's next?
Always the ones that you least expect...
They seem so strong 
It turned out she wanted more all along
And each time I hear who's to part 
I examine my heart


  1. Ok, that made me wet my pants.

  2. OK the song is more ironic then the lyrics make it sound. And you know I am always surprised when people divorce, even when no one else is surprised. Also I hope you all know the lyrics are NOT ABOUT ME.

    LOL. :)


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