Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Reading Recap Part 2

I didn't do that much reading on my own this summer, but here are a few I enjoyed.

I already shared how much I enjoyed Pat Benatar's autobiography Between a Heart and a Rock Place here.

The cover of Meredith Duran's Written on Your Skin makes it look like just another romance novel but this vivid historical novel is an adventure across India during the Rebellion of the mid-1800s. It's filled with strong emotions, with plenty of grief and melancholy. (If you don't like violence, skip this book. There are battles and let's just say they aren't pretty.) After returning safely (but not unscathed) to London, the heroine expresses her pain through art that is moving, ahead of her time, and holds secrets that endanger her. This book kept me up turning pages under the covers with my flashlight!

I can't resist any book that explains why it pays to be nice, so even though The Power of Nice: How to Conquer the Business World with Kindness is short, it is a sweet little read, with lots of concrete examples that prove that nice guys don't really finish last. If you want to get ahead without stepping over other people to do it, give this book a read.

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  1. My favorite summer read this year was Summer at Tiffany...soooo good!!


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