Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fun Times in the Madison Area - OFD

My hometown has a little festival each summer called Old Fashioned Days. OFD kicks off with a parade tonight and runs through Sunday. It is everything you'd expect of an old fashioned event - no carnival rides, but lots of carnival food, antique cars, and old timey games, like a frog jumping contest, greased pole climb, and watermelon eating contest. I'm hoping T and I can be part of the Cake Walk on Sunday in the bandstand. See the full schedule of events here.

Here are some pictures from 2008, thanks to photobucket:

This great video shows the bag pipers, followed by the volunteer firefighters as they pass the judges on Main Street (in 2009):


  1. I MISS OFD!!! My nephew was in the frog jumping contest with a big bull frog his dad caught in the creek. I <3 OFD......and parades!!

  2. I have some good pictures from the parade this year (post coming soon, I promise!) Did you know you don't have to provide your own frog for the frog jumping contest any more? Crazy that they provide frogs...


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