Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Celebrating the Peace Corps' 50th Anniversary with Jenn

On March 1, 1961 President Kennedy signed the legislation that created the Peace Corps. The first week of March 2011, our local Returned Peace Corps Volunteers celebrated the 50th anniversary with a whole series of events including a gallery showing of art the volunteers have brought home from countries they've served in. I went to the Opening Reception to support Jenn and see the great art.

Jenn and Tiona both served in Botswana.

They had such a nice variety of objects on display in the gallery.

Tara (right) also came to the Opening. I brought Jenn carnations to say Bravo for all her hard work, which really made her day. We are standing in front of a tapestry she purchased in Botswana. It reminds me of a batik I brought home from Uganda for Mom - about the same size and colors and both have goats. Jenn's depicts a typical village scene. It was woven in Oodi village which is near the capitol city, Gaborone. Oodi is famous for its weavers.

I'm so glad we were able to get out and support Jenn and the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers! Happy Anniversary, Peace Corps!

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