Friday, March 25, 2011

Challenger Soccer Recap

In January and February, T played soccer with the Challenger League. Games are once a week, on Saturday mornings, at Canopy Oaks Park (next door to Canopy Oaks Elementary). As the name suggests, all the kids in the league face challenges of one type or another. Soccer is not the easiest game to master, but the kids made a lot of progress this year. Dribbling, shooting, passing, and finally understanding the difference between offense and defense are all areas in which they developed good skills. Also it's good exercise and fun to have a chance to socialize and learn about sportsmanship. Here are a few photos from this season. 

All the kids get a chance to score by the end of the hour-long game.

B is getting ready to pass the ball to T.

Getting ready to "huddle up" at the end of the game.

Team photo take 1. T is in the back row sporting his sunglasses and orange pullover.

Team photo sans sunglasses.

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