Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Herb Gardens

It's time to get plants in the ground here (and protect them if it gets too cold). With thanks to Mom for her weeding and inspiration to keep weeding here are our two herb gardens. First on the driveway side of the back door, we have, at top, aloe (that wintered over surprisingly well, considering how cold it's been); a new rosemary plant, then oregano and at the bottom a grape tomato. The tomato plant is an experiment. The soil in this garden is really sandy (which makes aloe and rosemary happy). We'll probably have to add some compost for the tomato.
Yes, it still needs mulch.

Close up on the aloe. It is so useful for burns and rashes.

The second herb garden is in the backyard but again right outside the back door for easy access. A few pictures I took while preparing for planting - you can see what a weedy mess it was:

Almost weed free!

Basil (2 plants, top left), parsley (top right), other three are nasturtium, which have edible flowers.

A new pineapple sage (bottom) to join the two baby ones above it that have come up voluntarily.

Along the side wall of the garage where they'll be a little more protected, 2 dill (toward the top right) and a sage (lower right). The top right corner there is reserved for lemon grass, and we have plenty of space for more herbs and flowers.

One last sunny picture of the first nasturtium blooming.

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