Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our Truck a Movie Star?

True story. We loaned our truck (the one that sits in the driveway and occasionally goes to the garden center for a load of mulch) to some graduate students at the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts (aka the Film School). They are filming the movie this week and next. It's a short (15-17 minutes) psychological thriller, called The Curse.

The students were very professional and even had paperwork to transfer liability from us to them while they use the truck. We were connected with them via my Twitter friend Paula @biggreenpen who helps out on a volunteer basis, hunting down locations, materials and even people to appear in films. 

If you have a minute, check out the film school's website - really impressed by all their awards and honors, their ability to fund the production costs for students, and the way the alumni mentor new graduates:


  1. Ha ha now I am getting you roped in to the fun!!!! The #1 reason I got involved with the Film School - nowhere except on sets have I found such a common sense of purpose and "get it done-ness" as on film sets. It is invigorating to be reminded that a group of people can come together in this way. Thanks again for your contribution!!

  2. Pretty cool! Your car will be famous!


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