Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Alpha Chi Omega at CWRU

Today, September 24th, marks the 27th anniversary of the installation of Zeta Upsilon chapter at Case Western Reserve University. Here is the lovely house ZY has called home since 1993.

Alpha Chi has given me many gifts over the years but the most irreplaceable ones are my chapter sisters, my forever friends, several of whom were in my new member class, pictured in the next 2 photos, and the women we recruited to ZY the during the following years. (I have much love for the women I advised at ZY too; I'll have to do another post on them and those years soon. And, of course, membership in Alpha Chi leads to friends from chapters all over the country, many of whom have touched my life and made me a better person, but today's ZY's birthday so we'll save them for another day too! xoxo)

Here we are at First Degree of Initiation in the Spartan Room in Thwing. 
And here we are at Second Degree of Initiation, the following January, at Dr. Kessler's house.
2 years later, at the Homecoming Football game.
At a quad event that same year. Yes, balloons make everything more fun!
In addition to Zeta Upsilon, our ZY alumnae chapter, also celebrates its birthday today too. Happy 6th to Mu Tau Mu. It was one of our best crazy ideas ever. Many thanks to the wonderful women pictured here (and those not) who have made MTM so much fun and such a success. Love you!

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