Saturday, September 18, 2010

RIP Whoopi, the Best Dog Ever

It was a very sad day last Saturday when Mom had to say goodbye to her dog Whoopi, after 13 years and 10 months of love and companionship. Whoop's gotten Mom through a lot of tough times, but she hasn't been in the best health for the last year. I took these photos of her during our visit in August. You can see how gray she had gotten. She'd also developed diabetes, and Mom was giving her insulin twice a day.

I will remember Whoopi especially for how sweet she has always been to T. When he was small and deathly afraid of her, she knew automatically to go to another room and give him his space. She really helped him warm up to her over the years, to the point where for the past several years the two of them were best buds. He was in charge of her meals when we visited and Mom had to hide the treats this summer because T was sneaking her extras. You can see her here sitting at his feet, probably watching him play wii.  

I'm sure when we visit in November we'll wander around the house looking for her because our heads know she is gone but she'll always be in our hearts.  

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