Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kitchen Project Update - Electrical

Lots of excitement today in the kitchen, with as is now the routine, a bit of disappointment thrown in. The electricians installed all the lights, outlets and switches today, as well as the microwave.

Here's the baking section - all done now except for the glass in the one door there, fhe drawer in the dropped counter (rolling area) section, and some paint touch-ups. It's so exciting having the microwave installed!

Another view (in this one you can see the drawer we're missing). Notice also all the nice outlets.

All the outlets are installed, including this one in the back door end of the island. Cantaloupe anyone?

All the recessed lights are finished and look great. Here are two.

A close up of one of the recessed lights:

And here is where the disappointment comes in - the chandelier is up - but it is bent. See how the light on the left is not level with the others? You'll notice we are also two glass "globes" short - they broke en route so we have 2 little boxes full of tiny shards. The good news is that the vendor has another one at the store so we don't have to wait three weeks for the replacement to arrive. I'll pick it up on Wednesday and we'll swap it out ourselves. Stay tuned for photos as this is obviously a work in progress!

Next up for me, spackling, caulking and painting!

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