Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paint It Purple Cupcake Blog Party

Who wants to join me for a blog party on October 2nd? Pixel Project is hosting a blog series of parties, public, private and virtual, calling for an end to violence against women. Here are the details:

Hey bloggers! Help us kick off the ‘Paint It Purple’ campaign by contributing a blogpost featuring:
  • A snapshot of YOUR version of the ‘Paint It Purple’ cupcake
  • Your YouTube PSA for our Wall of Support (while you wear a purple shirt!)
  • Your cupcake recipe!
Post that blogpost on 2 October 2010 to coincide with our global “Paint It Purple” parties to kick off Domestic Violence Awareness Month and send us the link to feature on our blog!
What is a “Paint It Purple” cupcake?
“Paint It Purple” cupcakes all have The Pixel Project’s purple and white ribbon on top as part of the cupcake’s decoration. This purple and white ribbon signifies men and women working together to end violence against women.
All decorative icing, marzipan etc should also follow the purple and white colour scheme.
Otherwise, the sky is the limit with how you want to decorate and flavour it!

So how do I sign up?
It’s simple:
Step 2: Email the completed form to the “Paint It Purple” campaign team atPaintItPurple2010@gmail.com
Step 3: We will get you registered and send you the “Paint It Purple” Bloggers’ Toolkit as soon as possible.

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    Maybe I can back Sat. morning before I go throw the baby shower ... hmm, ideas ... :)


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