Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friday Dinner

I've had lots of questions about who joined us Friday of Homecoming weekend for Tortilla Soup and Pumpkin Cranberry Bars so here is a brief recap of our impromptu dinner.

Chris had a small group of colleagues in town from Ohio State so we hosted two of them plus his lab.
Jessica (Chris' former student, now at OSU), Jill (from OSU) and Sara (Chris' new post-doc, formerly of OSU) [thanks Jessica for the photo!]
the lab (a little out of date, but Ashley (who is doing her internship was in town), Tara, Jessica, Chris and Matt) - missing from this photo Sara (in first photo) and her hubby-to-be Abe).
In addition to the soup and bars, we served chips and dip (guacamole from Fresh Market and pico de gallo) along with red, yellow and orange pepper strips and ranch dip to start. Our guests helped us make a dent in the Halloween candy after dinner while we played Apples to Apples (yes, we have the party box!).

Apples to Apples Party Box - The Game of Hilarious Comparisons

This is a really fun game of comparisons. Everyone gets seven cards, each with a noun. There is a separate deck of adjectives. The judge (everyone takes turns being the judge; he or she doesn't play that round) turns over an adjective card and everyone has to pick which one of his/her cards best matches the card in play. I tend to go for the funny answer; it helps to know what amuses the current judge. 

For example, Matt won the round "sexy" with a card that said Rush Limbaugh. He was pretty proud.

Here are my winning cards... 

The person with the most adjective cards wins (not me; I think it was Abe). We laughed a lot! All in all a great evening!!

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