Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good bye old Publix, Hello new Publix

Today is the last day for the old Killearn Publix, and it's a little sad to say good bye. Tomorrow, our big shiny "Taj Mahal" Publix will open right around the corner, and it'll have a lot going for it - better access to Thomasville Road, more (safer) parking, a cooking school, restaurants... but I'm feeling a little nostalgic because this old store has such character. Even though it is small, the staff really listen to requests and stock the shelves with a great and wide variety of products. All the folks who work in the store are friendly and helpful; I know many of them by name. Here's hoping they are able to transfer the character of the store to the new location along with the products!

Here's a brief photo homage to the old store, starting with an aerial view. It's inside the yellow box at the top, with the brown roof. The site of the new Publix is just to its left (though that building has been demolished and rebuilt).
photo source
exterior... my favorite parking spots up front
cozy (aka narrow) aisles (love the lino, right?)
produce department
deli and back of the store (can you read the sign for aisle 6? it has candies and diet food... nice combo)

See you at the new store!
Oh and in case you're wondering, the old store will become a Hobby Lobby. This craft store was a favorite of T's and mine when we lived in Texas, mostly due to their great sales on stickers!

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  1. Well. I'm glad to know that the old location will become something and not stay idle and vacant. If I never adjust to the big, new stores Publix builds, I guess at some point, I'll be traveling wherever it takes, just to grocery shop in an "old" Publix!


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