Monday, November 22, 2010

Rearranging Rugs (Kitchen Progress)

I had a brainstorm to move a rug from another room into the kitchen to get a better idea what size rug will look and fit best in there. A fun project for a Sunday, and it turned out better than I expected. I thought the rug would be too small, but it's a good size and we may actually leave it in its new spot. The funniest part about the rug is I picked it up when one of neighbors (not friends) in Pearland, Texas, threw it out. When I saw it out on their tree lawn, I figured it had to have something wrong with it. I took it home anyway and discovered it was in great condition. It was a big win for me, and may have ruined me for rug shopping; now I expect nice ones to just fall into my path!

Before (The super scary really before):
taken in January 2010
Before (As in before the rug, best one I could find, when I had it set up for our July "Lab Lunch"):

After (Part 1, with the rug):

After (Part 2, with rug and furniture):

The sad room that lost its rug... still a store house for things waiting to move back into the kitchen:

The room is less sad now with the addition of this Ikea rug we had rolled up in the back:

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