Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Preview

We are full of Thanksgiving traditions in our family. Note the following appear in the order in which we encounter them during the big day (not necessarily the order of importance).

Tradition 1: the giant turkey. This beast is locally raised by 4-h kids. We brine it over night and then stuff it on Thanksgiving morning.

Corollary to Tradition 1 is the ceremonial photo with the turkey. We appreciate all of hubs' hard work to make us a great turkey for dinner!

Tradition 2: the extra (little) pumpkin pie. We start eating this little one right after breakfast. If you get to Mom's early enough there might be some left for us to share with you. 

Tradition 3: Great Lakes Christmas Ale. This one is relatively new (for a family that has been doing the same thing every fourth Thursday in November for 30+ years) but it's a popular addition to the day.

Tradition 4: We all sit down to eat together, family style. Yes, all 30-40 of us. Sometimes we have a smaller group, say 28. Mom is forecasting as many as 47 this year. It'll be a full house! Everyone has a job (either bringing things like side dishes, appetizers or desserts, or chores like counting people, setting up tables and chairs, or setting the table. Or doing dishes... no paper products for us (outside of napkins).)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!
What are your traditions?


  1. Wow, you are a strong woman! I stressed over just our parents coming over two years ago LOL

  2. WOW! Can't believe you have so many people over during Thanksgiving! What a fun full house! Happy holidays.

  3. Thanks, Rachel! I don't know if it's strength or more strength of tradition - when you've always done something, it's all you're used to. Mom's been hosting this dinner since the late 70s so I grew up with it!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  4. Mah, it's true! It IS a lot of fun. It's nice to see all my cousins and aunts every year and catch up with everyone. The whole event is like a well-oiled machine... we all know what we're supposed to do, from set up to eating a ton to the kids tromping through the woods and falling in the creek. :) Happy holidays! Have a great day tomorrow!


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