Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Visit to SMU AXO

Thank you to Iota Sigma chapter for hosting the AXO NPC delegation a week ago Sunday. We loved seeing your home and appreciated you giving up the dining room to us for a big chunk of the day!

Love the banner!
This tile lyre is mounted on the wall outside the back door. There is a photo of it in the chapter room and all the members of the class who donated it signed the mat around the picture. Love that idea! 
Newly renovated bathroom (Britain I'll email you the rest of the pics.)
This photo is to show the great built in cubbies/shelving in the sister's rooms.
Beautiful fountain on the back patio dedicated to a sister who died after a drunk driver hit her car. The chapter raises money for MADD in her honor every year.
Great wallpaper in the downstairs powder room features lyres and lyre birds (see below).
yay lyrebird!

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