Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kitchen Project Underway - Day 6

The guys worked on the cabinets at their shop yesterday so we had nothing to report for Monday, but tons of progress on Tuesday!

First, the "doorway"/entry to the kitchen was widened today, and I can't believe how much it opened up the whole room. Here's the process - first removing the trim and sheetrock,

then moving the light/fan switches and wiring... and the framing... and voila!

Now you can practically see all the way out to the swimming pool when you come in the front door!

Second, we made a lot of progress on the cabinets and where they will all go, including the island, which is temporarily blocked out on the floor:
another view:

Third, lots of progress on the flooring. As you can see in the photo above, they've been working on leveling the floor in the kitchen. Also, the flooring materials were all delivered today:

Aerial view (yes, the box on top is open):

And a little bit set out on the floor (sorry it's already managed to get dusty!):

Tomorrow, they'll lay down cork everywhere and Thursday start laying the floor!

(fyi I have to decide how to number the days... it's the 2nd day of the 2nd week now but the 6th day work has gone on at the house... so technically 9 days since we started work... lol only I would worry about the numeration)


  1. ha.. you know i would worry about the numbering too!!! sad I missed coming over today.. but i will see progress soon..

    i LOVE the wood floors, the moving of the door.. and oh... can't wait to see the island on the floor!!

  2. BMD caught up M-M and me last night while we ate Cuban food. SO EXICTING! couldn't happen to house full of nicer people :) LITPTB

    I'm going to send you pictures of our kitchen with the new counter tops as a "guest blog"

    ha, ha


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