Friday, February 12, 2010

Kitchen Project Underway - Day 13

We're almost to the end of our third week on this project and wow it's starting to look great!

On day 13, we had lots of progress on the floors, which are now about 95% done. I started working on the bathroom painting project and we talked a lot about cabinetry and the next steps in the project. My job for the weekend is to decide where we want drawers vs. doors. I need to decide what will "live" where in each of the kitchen areas so I'll know if the items will be easier to access in regular cabinets or in drawers.

(The utility room/pantry/laundry room floor=done)

(Kitchen floor is done!)

(Other side of the kitchen, with the makeshift cooking/clean-up area/appliances.)

(In other news, I took down the wallpaper in the bathroom and cleaned all the glue off the wall, and washed and rinsed the other walls and woodwork to prep for painting. Next step is priming the wall that originally had the paper and spackling over the spots that need it.)

Friday the last of the floor goes in - finishing up the coat closet and the little alcove in the entry way. And I get to work on more painting prep! I want to wash all the walls in the pantry/utility room/laundry room and decide whether it should get semi-gloss paint (like the bathroom) or flat...

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  1. it was great to see you and "simply southern" on thursday at at AXO on Friday (double-dip treat!) let me know about painting. xoxo


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