Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kitchen Project Underway - Day 7

floors, floors and more floors! (and maybe a paint color or two)

first the linoleum is up (ok mostly up) in the pantry/utility room/laundry room:

and the cork underlayment is down on the "eating" side of the kitchen:
Another view. Tomorrow this will get the actual wood floor laid on top of the cork and then it'll look amazing! Can't wait!!! It will probably take until Tuesday to get all the floors in. We're moving the refrigerator and the chest freezer out to the breezeway and we'll probably be without the sink and dishwasher for a couple of days.

And finally colors!
That's a section of the floor as the background with a sample chunk of our countertop (which is now ordered, yay!) and what is (so far) my favorite family of paint colors. They're all in the gray-beige range. I'm thinking we might use different tones in different spaces... like the pantry room and the half bath might be different shades than the kitchen and entryway. Lots of thinking still to do on this topic!

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