Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kitchen Project Underway - Day 14

The floors are done! So exciting! I also finished prepping the bathroom for paint and got the first coat on the woodwork. I took some pictures to show the difference between the old color and the new. All the woodwork, door frames, doors etc. will be Heron Plume (Sherwin-Williams). It looks pretty white in the photos but it's a gray-beige.

(The last areas to get flooring - the alcove in the entry way...)

(...and the inside of the coat closet)

(Other end of the coat closet)

(And here's the bathroom. Half of the door frame has the new paint.)

(Here's a close up from the other side of the door.)

Our plan for Saturday is to paint, paint and paint some more. Stay tuned for pictures! :)

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