Friday, February 19, 2010

Kitchen Project Underway - Days 19 & 20

Painting, painting and more painting... and of course all the prep work you have to do in order to paint... with a little shopping thrown in for good measure.

Thursday I cleaned and painted one coat on the door frame between the kitchen and the library (the room that would be our formal dining room but instead houses our book, desktop computer and guinea pig). Then made a trip to Home Depot with a friend to check out some of the little things we need for the guest bathroom: towel rod, toilet paper holder and medicine cabinet. The towel rod needed to be a short one - the old one (in all it's cheap plastic light blue beauty) is only 12-14 inches long. Not a standard size at all, so no luck in that department.

(that's our biggest screwdriver, for size comparison)

We did manage to pick up a simple medicine cabinet that is fronted with just a mirror. I'm worried it's a little too big though and that the cabinet door will either hit the window frame or the door (to the room) frame. That might be courting disaster!

Also I removed everything from the walls in the pantry/utility room/laundry room - no mean feat - removing all the anchors for the shelving above the washing machine took some doing. And I reinstalled the door knob to the bathroom door.

Today the inside door frame got its second coat of paint. (Still have to paint the pocket door though!)

I also gave the inside of both back doors their first coat, after washing two of the four walls in the pantry and both back doors. After picking T up at school I got the second coat on one of the back doors - one less thing to do later!

(Pantry door to the breezeway -done!!)

(Kitchen door to the breezeway - with one coat (and obviously still needs to be framed up again...)

Still on tap... for this weekend (I hope) - washing the other two walls in the pantry and taping off the areas that could accidentally end up painted when we paint the walls... painting pantry...

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  1. keep on trucking.. you and chris are painting ninjas


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