Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kitchen Project Underway - Day 12

We are getting very close to having all the floor installed! And we have a new water heater too!

(First we said goodbye to the sink and dishwasher - here is that part of the kitchen with the cork down:)

(And here's our temporary counter with sink and dishwasher... it'll hold us for a little while! They'll come back out tomorrow while the floor goes in below them...)

(TA-DA! The entryway is looking great! All that's left to do is the little alcove there on the right and the inside of the coat closet.)

(This is the bowling alley picture. All we need is some pins and those cute little arrows on the floor...)

(A view from the entry to the kitchen.)

(The new water heater, and the pan it sits in, just in case it springs a leak.)

(And the drain for the water to get outside, if said leak ever occurred.)

(Here's the Energy Guide to compare to the old one, see yesterday's post...)


  1. Think we'll have to do a separate post comparing the 2 water heaters since the old one doesn't list the actual KWH it was estimated to use. Stay tuned!

  2. ya know that the new one will blow the old one out of the water! (oh, was that a really bad pun?)

    floors are looking beautiful - such a lovely color! so inviting, in fact, I must invite myself over to get a closer look. xoxo

  3. OMG.. I LOVE love it.. can we totally go bowling.. jenn lets go tomorrow pm

  4. lol on the water heater, jsbh! Please do come over and see it in person, both of you. I'm hoping to get started on painting today... starting small, in the little bathroom and back hallway while some of the big things are out of the way. Much prep work to do!


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