Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kitchen Project Underway - Day 24

That's Tuesday 2/23 for those of you keeping track at home. Today we have baseboards in the bathroom and the door framed out between the kitchen and the hallway. Progress, progress!

(Bathroom baseboard... other rooms will get quarter-round too, but I think this room is too small for that too.)

(Another view:)

(Baseboard in the pantry:)

(This is the "doorway" that now has a frame:)

(And here's a close up:)

(This is the quarter round to be installed after baseboards. I think it's a good sign how much it blends in with the floor!)

(And this is a potential cabinet color (the wood in the background, not the door on the left. We decided the door is too light. This mahogany/walnut might be too dark...)

Tomorrow it's back to painting for me - more baseboards and maybe some crown molding too. :)


  1. I can really "see" the paint now! yay Ames! Hope the drizzle isn't ruining your paint plans :(

  2. I still did a little painting in spite of the funky weather! The pantry and the bathroom are a shade darker than the kitchen - and it really looks crisp now with the baseboard down, huh? Almost makes me want to repaint the kitchen... haha


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