Monday, July 19, 2010

AXO Convention Recaps from Others

While you're waiting for my posts recapping Alpha Chi Omega Convention 2010 here are some others to check out:

Alpha Kappa Does Convention - a real-time report on Convention by the members of Alpha Kappa chapter, University of Oregon. I love that they created a blog just for this purpose! You can also follow their chapter on Twitter:

Simply Southern Girl - my girlfriend Britain posted each day on her blog - see Convention Day 1, Convention Day 2,   Convention Day 2 continuedConvention Day 3, Convention Continued, and Convention Monday Update. Follow B on Twitter:

And there is a nice update this morning from Alpha Nu chapter, University of Missouri on their blog!

Updated 7-21-10:
Alpha Chi Omega Florida State University published a series of Convention posts on their blog on Monday: Beta Eta Receives Awards at Alpha Chi Omega ConventionBeta Eta Honored by Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, and Alpha Chi Omega Vision Award,

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