Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Great Source of New Music

I have made a concerted effort the last few years to expose myself to music that is new to me, or that I wouldn't typically hear in my daily life. This year I've been kind of slacking, but I do follow a blogger who is posting a song a day for 2010, and wanted to share the blog because the songs lately have been fabulous.

(yes, you can download mixtapes of all the music from each month!)

(My Alpha Chi friends will recognize the blogger as the creator of the AXO Founders' MacDowell Month videos from U of Georgia that are popular on youtube.)


  1. nice AXO shout out - she is totally amazing

  2. Whoa! I googled my blog name just for kicks... and this post came up! Thanks for the shout-out! And... I CANNOT believe you've seen that MacDowell month video... oh man... I'm kind of embarrassed! hahaha :)


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