Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun at the Farm

We had dinner with my brothers, sisters-in-law and nephews at the farm twice on our vacation. The pictures of our all-American fun are just begging to be shared!

Nephews on the tire swing:

Grown ups enjoying a beer from Great Lakes Brewing Company on the deck:

Building the bonfire... aka physics 101

The power of the fulcrum. Step 1, find a good tree where the trunk has a V. 
Step 2 - enlist some helpers!
Step 3 - ta da!

Light and enjoy the bonfire (yes, it was that hot that we had to stay that far back!).

Walk around the pond to make the frogs jump so you can see them:

Roll down the hill:

Roast some marshmallows:

Eat some marshmallows:

And then research how hot the fire is on your ipad. Only in my family... lol
Good times. And, really, who knew the wireless reached all the way down the hill? :)

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