Monday, July 26, 2010

Do you want to be a (green) winner?

Sorry to quote Spongebob there, but my friend Jennifer shared a great contest the DEP is holding this week on Twitter. DEP is the Department of Environmental Protection and the contest is designed to share ways to be green and stay green while you are vacationing.

All the details are posted here. Here are the highlights (oh, but first the prizes!)

The Easy Kit includes lots of green goodies:
 * reusable shopping bag
 * Florida state park day pass
 * microfiber cloth
 * boater whistle
 * first aid kit
 * LED flashlight -or- duffel bag -or- laptop bag

Pretty sweet for just a tweet, huh? :)
(sorry for the goofy rhyme)

"From July 26, 2010 to July 30, 2010 we will post a new blog entry at random times of the day at After the blog has been updated, the first five Easy As One Twitter followers who tweet “Easy As One showed me how to Take It Easy” with a link to our blog and the hashtag #CONTEST01EAO will win an “Easy Kit.” You must be an Easy As One Twitter follower to be eligible.

Tweet Must Include
1. The phrase “Easy As One showed me how to Take It Easy”
2. A link to our blog
3. The hashtag #CONTEST01EAO

Easy peasy! I hope you'll be green and participate!

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