Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Crazy New Method for Making S'mores

At our last campfire, I realized that the rocks around the perimeter of the fire pit were very hot, and might be hot enough to melt a marshmallow. It took a little experimenting but the work paid off! And toasting the graham cracker adds a little something extra to the s'more.

An initial attempt with chocolate on a graham cracker to see if the fire was hot enough to melt anything at that distance. When it was, I added marshmallow but it turned into a mess because the chocolate ran everywhere before the marshmallow had a chance to roast.

I broke the marshmallow in half

and gave it a quarter turn as the side closest to the fire got toasted.

When it was ready, I added the chocolate and the top graham cracker. It turned out perfect, melted but not burned.

The only downside was the cracker got really hot (and as you can see, above, a little over-toasted) - I used to long-handled spatula to turn it, but I think next time I'd grab tongs (also with long handles) so I could get a good grip on the cracker.


  1. So now I'm sitting hungry at work drooling over these photos of delish looking smores.
    Lunch can't come soon enough...

    -Erin Wendell

    p.s. your blog is wonderful for slow work days :) I love having something entertaining to do when the phone just isn't ringing

    p.p.s. I've never followed a blog before, so idk how this commenting thing works, but I do have a Google account, so I hope this will work!

  2. It worked, great, Erin! Thanks for following my blog! Glad you are enjoying it!


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