Friday, July 16, 2010

Figwood at Banyan Tree

One of the fun things I learned at the shower is that "Aunt" Connie's daughter, Sara, designed a line of knitwear for the shop she works at in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland. How fun is that? Sara studied fashion design at Kent State, and worked for Anne Klein in New York City before moving back to Cleveland. I wish Mom and I would have had a chance to check it out while we were in town, but I did learn lots more on Banyan Tree and Figwood (via facebook, thanks to the fan pages for the photos) and wanted to share. The line and the store will be featured in Cleveland Magazine in August so stay tuned for more when it hits the newsstand. And a winter line is in the works, too!

Here is the shop - Banyan Tree in Tremont:

And here is Figwood. It was hard to pick just a few photos to share (see the rest here).
Love the colors!

And here's the designer (on left) with a friend and her Mom and Dad, at the Figwood Launch Party.

Like Banyan Tree on facebook here.
Like Figwood too... here.

2242 Professor Ave
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

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